Post Tue Feb 02, 2010 5:24 pm

SU to KT Lighting

I am curious, when the pros bring over an exterior scene from SU and plan to use “Physical Sky” in KT, what do you do with the “Shadow Settings” in SU? I assume you check mark “”Display Shadows” and “Use Sun for Shading”. Do you do anything special with “Light” and “Dark” in the“Shadow Settings”? I have been starting with 50/50 (and less) for “Light” and “Dark” but I am not sure if it is making much difference in KT. After the scene is loaded to KT do you leave the “SUN” set at default, which seems to be “3”, or do you lower it (I am now trying “1”) to something much lower to control the results and then perhaps lower the “Exposure” below the default "1" during render and later do something post-pro to balance the brightness?

I am having a difficult time finding a good starting point in order to get some sort of respectable lighting balance.

Suggestion and comments are always appreciated and helpful and for those I thank you.