Post Mon Aug 15, 2016 8:29 am

HELP: Sun, Globals, Other Stuff

Hi, I'm new to KT and starting to love it. I've rendered few simple models with KT and this is my first big render. When I was just building the scene, everything was all white since everything was on default material in SketchUp. I tried rendering it with MLT just to see how i looks. The result was OK, there were nice sun streaks coming from the sliding door and windows. After I've included materials, lights and all, I rendered it again, still in MLT, 80 passes. (see attached) I lost my sun streaks maybe due to my lights, I dunno, I wanted those sun streaks to make my scene more natural and realistic; and my background, a global, is supposed to be a sky or something, but now it looks like it's zoomed-in too much. I also wanted to change the location of my sun, how to do that? so I can play with various time effects. Also, if you guys have anything to say design-wise or anything at all to help me improve my scene, it would be much appreciated. Thanks!