Post Thu Apr 20, 2017 11:32 pm

Sketchup 2017 issues

Recently I changed to SU 2017 and tried to install KT via the old installer. IT didn't work. So I tried the newest Echo Boost and that installed fine except that the pre-sets are missing from the render settings. So I came across an updated version of the installer (download/file.php?id=17187) and that seemed to work. However, when I tried to install the libraries (Users>Name>AppData>Roaming>Sketchup>Plugins>Kerkythea Material Libraries, then to KT>File>Install Library, they wouldn't install--either it couldn't recognize the file extension (all were named or it said it couldn't import the archive library. I checked the library folder and they all had unzipped. I have full administrator permission.

What else can I do? Will the Echo Boost problem be fixed?