Post Sat May 13, 2017 9:19 am

Light problem

I am new to modelling and rendering and have started to make a model watch using FreeCAD. Since I hit a sticky point in the modelling I thought I'd try to render one of the components using Kerkythea. My problem is that as soon as I add the material I want to render in the light seems to be very weak and after no end of googling and playing with settings I can't get it bright. Please can someone help me with my very newbie problem!
Here is what is happeing...
I have exported from FreeCAD as .obj and opened it with Kerkythea.
Added omni light and positioned the camera.
Rendering gives this

But when I add a brass material rendering gives this

If I move the camera around sometimes the focus of the light seems to be just missing the part but then there is very heavy shadowing. I'm not too bothered about making pretty pictures, I just want to see what i've made in FreeCAD in metal and not matt grey!

Thank you