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Export Poser Cameras and Lights

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Export Poser Cameras and Lights

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The zip file contains a couple of Poser Python scripts to export cameras and lights from Poser. There are two scripts, one writes the xml file using Poser coord conventions; the y axis is vertical. The other exports with the z axis vertical. If you export a poser scene as an obj file, it will have y vertical. If you export a Poser scene/model using PoseRay beta Kerkythea export, PoseRay will re-orient the models and export them with z as the vert axis. If you use this export option, then export the cameras and lights with the Zup script. Add the cameras and lights using the File->Merge option.

I expect PoseRay will soon include Poser camera and light export, but it looks like it doesn't yet, so I hope some people will find these programs useful.

To use, run the Python script from inside Poser. It will bring up a file dialog. Choose the file where you want to save the export. The script will ask for the render width and height (anyone know the Poser Python method to get them?).

I slapped this together fast and dirty, so it's not a pretty program. I tried to approximate Poser spotlights, but the angular falloff of Poser spotlights and K spotlights is not a great match. Infinite lights are translated to distant point lights.
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