Post Sat Apr 14, 2012 9:51 am

Problems with Assigning Materials

Hi guys, i'm new to the forum, am an architecture graduate and am just about to start a masters, stumbled across Kerkythea about a month ago and was converted immediately. I use Google SkecthUp and export it to Kerkythea, its all been fine but for one problem which occurs when I try to assign materials to the model.

I downloaded the materials from the Kerkythea website, when asked, I simply saved the zip file to 'Local Disk (C)-Program Files-Google-Google SketchUp 8-Components'. I then went into Kerkythea and proceeded to download the zip files into my material browser (File-Install Library). This all seems to work fine and when I try to assign a material to a face by simply choosing the material then clicking apply material, all of the material folders I downloaded are there to pick from, however this is where the problem starts. When I apply, lets say, a brick material, I can not see any of the detail on the model, instead it is just a mass of colour, I tried changing the scale as I thought it might be distorted but this only changes the shade of colour I can see.

I can rectify the problem by unzipping the brick zip file into the same folder I downloaded the material zip file into originally ('Local Disk (C)-Program Files-Google-Google SketchUp 8-Components') which releases several files including some jpeg files. Then instead of applying a material in the program, I simply apply the jpeg that was released within the original zip file onto the face using 'edit material' and change the projection to cubic. However, this is not only a bit of a faff but also, not all of the zip folders possess all of the materials it provides, in a jpeg format and so really limits the amount of materials I can use.

I feel like i've tried everything to rectify the problem and really need someone to help me who is a little bit more experienced than I am, please help.

Cheers Ian