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Shiny red brick material

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Shiny red brick material


I am new to these forums. I'm an architecture student trying to become better with Kerkythea. I am currently designing a building with extensive use of brick walls. I have the desire to add a finish to the brick to make it shiny, like the image below. I have no problem applying a brick material in Sketchup and exporting it to Kerkythea. The problem comes when I wish to add a texture in Kerkythea. I'm familiar with Bump Mapping, but that feature just seems to give the illusion of having bumps. Is there a method where I can actually force my brick material to take on a brick texture? Could I possibly even get the grout lines in the brick material to line up with the texture too?

I appreciate any help and hope to find a quick response.

- Cyclist




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Re: Shiny red brick material

I would try downloading a high-resolution brick texture from such sites as http://www.cgtextures.com/ or http://naldzgraphics.net/freebies/36-co ... -textures/ (there are many more out there), import these into SU and apply, export to KT, then play with the shininess and IOR levels in the Material Editor. Plus, set the Bump Map to "Invert" (click on the material in the texture Editor to bring up the choice in the next window) and experiment with different bump values in the Bump Map channel. Unless you construct your own brick wall in SU (which you can do), you're going to have to modify a photographic texture as best you can.

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