Post Sun Apr 08, 2007 1:57 pm

Depth of Field Wish Item

I've been starting to play with the camera parameters. I am wondering if there is a possibility or graphically displaying the depth of field when the camera is selected.

My thought is to show the zone of apparent sharpness surrounding the plane of focus. This would be updated based on changes to the lens settings. (1/3 of the zone in front of the principal plane of focus and 2/3 behind for most situations except when magnication is quite high when it shifts a bit more toward a 50-50 split.)

DOF is impacted not only be apreture but by lens focal length and image magnification. It is directly impacted by final image size and viewing distance. (These are really part of the magnification thing and should be taken into consideration when setting up the "shot" but probably couldn't be incorporated into the graphical display.)

I also wish the lens setting numbers could correspond to actual camera lens numbers--perhaps the numbers for a 35mm camera. Of course that's just because of my background as a photographer. I tend to think of the whole KT set up thing in terms of setting up for a photographic shoot anyway.

If it would be any help, I can supply all the formulae used to calculate DOF along with any other details related to it. An excellent reference if you can find it is Applied Depth of Field by Alfred Blaker RBP published by Focal Press/Butterworth Publishers (ISBN 0-240-71730-X)