Post Sun Apr 21, 2013 3:14 am

Is Kerkythea 2008 for Linux 64-bit available?

Hi. I'm sure that question had already been answered but I did not want to sift through countless pages of search results that has absolutely no bearing to a plain, simple and straight-forward question. Therefore, my apologies.

I am a Linux user for a long while now and had been using KT2008 in x86 architecture. However, in recent months, I had reinstalled my OS in 64-bit architecture only to find out that KT2008 (1) couldn't find the file in /usr/lib which is in fact residing in /usr/lib64. (2) Symlinking the lib to /usr/lib doesn't help either with an error message stating that the file has the wrong ELF.

I haven't tried extracting libXcursor from a 32-bit install and copying it to a 64-bit (in /usr/lib/ of course) but I am hesitant in this approach in case I bork my fairly better-than-good-but-not-quite-perfect OS. Although I'm pretty sure that I will be trying that in the coming days, I thought I'd post my query on the forum and hope to get an answer.

Thank you for bearing with me on my first post.

Peace and much respect,