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INTRODUCE YOURSELF HERE (a photo is also welcomed!)

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Re: INTRODUCE YOURSELF HERE (a photo is also welcomed!)

Hi Guys, I'm new here. My name is Miroslav and I'm also from Poland:D Looking forward to a intersting discussions.
Glad to be a part of this community.
PS. Yo Piotr nice to see there is someone else from Poland here:D


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Re: INTRODUCE YOURSELF HERE (a photo is also welcomed!)

Hi, my name is Alina. I'm Italian, currently working in Poland. Nice to meet you guys!


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Re: INTRODUCE YOURSELF HERE (a photo is also welcomed!)


My name is Roland, I am 45 years old and a mechanical Engineer.
I live in a small town in southern germany.

I work in a factory with 180 people producing valves in research & development.
@Work I am using Solidworks, Solidworks Simulation for FEA analysis, Solidworks FloWSimulation for CFD,
CONVAL for valve sizing and ATM Ansys Maxwell 2D for Electromagnetic Simulation (might switch to COMSOL Multiphysics).

For my personal joy (fun, hobby projects ...) I started using FreeCAD ( over a year ago.
Since the project is open source and quite a lot of people are contributing development is quite fast.

FreeCAD is supporting POV-RAY and Luxrender.
But i found both programs quite hard to learn for a complete newbie ...
Not long ago a FreeCAD-User wrote a macro for exporting the models directly to Kerkythea XML-format
so i decided to do some first klicks and experiment with kerkythea.

Since I will also do at least an introductory tutorial about modelling in FreeCAD, exporting to kerkythea and setting up
a render scene there i sure will be lurking around and asking questions in the future ... ;-)

Since my german youtube-channel about FreeCAD has 2.600 subscribers and my english channel has
already 300 subscribers expect more FreeCAD-users to pop up here in the future.

Non-native english Speaker - please bear with me ...

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