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Windows 10 compatability issue

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Windows 10 compatability issue

So it looks like the upgrade to windows 10 has brought problems for Kerkythea (for me at least). It launches and loads files fine, but when I try to edit or replace materials (halfway through the process), Kerkythea freezes up (not responding) and shortly after closes itself. Has anyone else had this problem, and (when) can we expect a patch to make it operate more smoothly with the new OS?

Edit: Now it appears to be letting me do the things it previously was not with old files. However, now It won't let me export a new file from sketchup. Wtf... ](*,)

Edit 2: It worked for some reason!! ](*,) ](*,) ](*,)


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Re: Windows 10 compatability issue

Hi. When you switch to windows 10 try to give KT Admin priviliges. It worked for me.


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Re: Windows 10 compatability issue

This doesn't work for me.... :(
I'm going crazy! I can not work with Kerkythea because it crashes every 2 minutes.... :-k

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