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Another User who CANNOT install Material Libraries

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Another User who CANNOT install Material Libraries

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Boost Edition, 3.0.1, installed as Admin on Win 10 64, Dell G3 laptop. I have spent about 4 hours trying to figure out why I cannot install libraries, standard error message, "Could not import archive library". I have set the permissions on the KT folder to Allow User full rights, but I think I found something odd with the install program. When I check the KT folder under Program Files, it does not have a MaterialEditor folder, but there is one under Program Data.
But when I check in ProgramDate, the folders exist;
But what is really odd, is that not only can I not install the files, whether using File>Install or Settings>Materials, in the Material Editor, nothing shows up. I have even tried copying the Libraries from a working version of KT2008 into the KT Program Files/Materials/Libraries folder but nothing shows up in the Editor. But when I try to Install a library from the Editor, I get a message that says "The library already exists..."