Post Mon May 22, 2006 10:15 am

Fixing bugs

hi all,

I am going to make a sticky note on this:

When you post a bug report, it will be very nice to give a detail
description how it happens.

Especially if we are talking about a render bug, i can do really nothing
if you just say that i get such an error when i try to render. Such a
generic description means very little to me! :roll:

The best thing you can do to actually see your bug fixed, is to send us
at the e-mail bugs[at] as well a minimal file that presents
the problem (the best would be an xml file, where i can just press render
and see the problem). I say minimal file because debugging something
like this can take hours :(

Thus, for a start, i would appreciate anyone that sends me from now on
scenes that present the problem. These files will be used solely for
debugging purposes.