Post Mon Nov 03, 2014 9:31 pm

sketchup camera positions


I am trying to render a few scenes of one room, and it seems like there must be an easier way of doing it. All scenes are set in SketchUp, I am able to export it and open it in Kerkythea without any problem.

I usually have 4 camera positions, which I saved in SU. Since the room is not so big, I need to "open" a wall to look into the room. By switching to another scene, SU knows to turn on wall no.1 and turn off wall no.2, since they are on different layers. Kerkythea does not support layers, and when I switch to the different camera position, I am looking at a wall and not into my room like I wanted to.

My solution now is, exporting every scene out of SU, that the Layers I needed are on or off. But I have to set all the light and glass materials in Kerkythea for every scene again. That is very time intense. Sometimes my walls have more then one material, and I need to turn on or off certain decoration items too.

Thanks for your help.