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how do you change user default export directory?

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Post Sun Oct 19, 2008 10:49 am

how do you change user default export directory?

hi all,

how do you change the export directory of blender2kt?

here is the problem that i got

Starting Scene Conversion
scene conversion done.
no export directory set in user default! ------- this is the problem
will try temp instead: c:\docume~1\stanmarsh\locals~1\temp
couldn't read 'installdir' value. is kerkythea correctly installed?

i want to change the user default export directory for kerkythea, so that i can carry it portably without installing kt on another machine. how to change user default export directory?




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Post Sun Oct 19, 2008 11:05 am

Hi stanmarsh

you can set the KT export path in Blenders user preference settings ( pulldown menu from the top ) . Go to "File Paths" and under the old "Yafray xml path" set your KT xml export path . Now Blender2KT will export the xml to the new export path you have set .

hope this can help you

Greetings Patrick


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Post Sun Oct 19, 2008 1:37 pm

hi patrick!

thanks for the reply, i tried your suggestion but i still can't make kerkythea to execute automatically,

here is the log

starting scene conversion
scene conversion done.
kerkythea export path is c:\documents and settings\stanmarsh\desktop\blender\kerkythea\\
Couldn't READ 'InstallDir' value. Is kerkythea correctly installed?

the problem is the last line, it can't find the executable, but the kerkythea.exe is inside the kerkythea folder. this problem occur when the (Exec. Kerkythe) option inside blender is active.

when i set it to inactive, i get a kerkytheaExport0001.kzx file in which i could manually open in kerkythea.

im trying to find a way to set it in a way that it would open kerkythea automatically.


and also, i forgot to mention that i uninstalled kerkythea but copied the folder and all the files before uninstallation.


i have talked to jms and this is not yet possible at the moment

UPDATE 30 OCT 2008

jms implemented this already :)

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