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Blender2KT suported Features

I post here the Feature list of Kerkythea (will be updated when new features are added) and will highlight the features that are suported by Blender2KT . This will help use to know what we can do with Blender2KT so fare and what features are missing or wanted from the users .

Right now Blender2KT exports all the objects, lights and cameras suported in Blender with correct UV and can export particles strands and displacement Meshes ...
Pleas feel free to make wishes and comments , so Blender2KT and Kerkythea can be improved and implemented the way you like .


Supported 3D File Formats
- 3DS Format
- OBJ Format
- XML (internal) Format
- SIA (Silo) Format (partially supported)

Supported Image Formats
- All supported by FreeImage library
[JPG, BMP, PNG, TGA, HDR included]

Supported Materials
- Matte
- Perfect Reflections/Refractions
- Blurry Reflections/Refractions
- Translucency
- Dielectric Material
- Phong Material
- Ward Anisotropic Material (Blurry Reflection Roughness x/y and Rotation)
- Lafortune Material
- Thin Glass Material
- Anisotropic Ashikhmin Material (Blurry Reflection Roughness x/y and Rotation)
- Layered Material (additive combination of the above)

Supported Shapes
- Triangulated Meshes
- Spheres
- Planes

Supported Lights
- Point Omni
- Point Spot
- Point Diffuse
- Area Diffuse
- Soft-Shadow
- Ambient Lighting
- Sky Lighting
- Physical Sky
- SkySphere Bitmap (Normal or HDRI)

Supported Textures
- Constant Colors
- Bitmaps (Normal and HDRI)
- Procedurals
[Perlin Noise, Marble, Wood, Wave, Checker]
- Any Weighted or Multiplicative Combination

Supported Features*
- Bump Mapping
- Normal Mapping
- Clip Mapping
- Bevel Mapping (an innovative KT feature!)
- Loop Subdivision surface
- Flip Normals
- Vertex Welding
- Edge Outlining
- Depth of Field
- Fog
- Isotropic Volume Scattering
- Caustics
- Translucency (sss)
- Faked Caustics
- Faced Translucency
- Dispersion
- Antialiasing
[3x3 extra rays, 3x3 stratified iterative, texture filtering, Production AA + filter Mitchell-Netravali, Gauss]

Supported Camera Types
- Planar Projection
[Pinhole, Thin Lens]
- Cylindrical Pinhole
- Spherical Pinhole

Supported Rendering Techniques
- Classic Ray Tracing
- Path Tracing (Kajiya)
- Bidirectional Path Tracing (Veach & Guibas)
- Photon Mapping (Jensen)
[mesh maps, photon maps, final gathering, irradiance caching, caustics]
- Diffuse Interreflection (Ward)
- Depth Rendering

Application Environment
- OpenGL Real-Time Viewer
- Material Editor with Preview render
- Bitmap coordinates Projection (UV, Spherical, Cubic, Cylindrical) + x/y offset , x/y scale , rotation , smooth and inverse
- Load and save Materials
- Easy Rendering Customization
- Sun/Sky Customization
- Script System
- Interactive Ton Mapin (Simple Ton Mapping,Linear Color Mapping,Exponencial Color Mapping,Exponencial HSV Color Mapping)
- Linear Lightflow

* certain features may be absent on some of the rendering techniques

Greetings Patrick