Post Fri Jul 18, 2008 1:02 pm

Sorry Frederik, but that's not the way to go at the moment.

For some good reasons:
A. The commercial version will be Thea, it will be hosted in different site, and so, what's the point of showing a displacement render to KT users? Just to say after 6 months that this feature will be available only in the commercial version? It's basically my fault that I am jumping back & forward whether the new renderer will be KT, or something else, but now I made up my mind, there's no point.

B. The teasers that I rendered are very low quality, more like test renders. Usually, they only test one feature, with very simplified scenes. If we search similar teasers in fry/maxwell/others forums, we'll see amazing renders.

I say this again here, that it's my fault of being indecisive about the name & site :ooops:

I will also transfer all the advances threads to

There should be also a systematic work on teasers & brochure, in fact that will be a huge job to prepare a nice feature list brochure, equiped with A class models & renders.