Post Fri Sep 21, 2007 1:51 am

Large 100megs+ Video Tutorials [no sound] - Architectural

I am engaged in trying to decide what Modeller to use and on searching the web with regards to GMax came across the following video tutorials which may be of use to somebody.

Beware that the tutorials are NOT speeded up, [I would hate to meet this guy in a dark alley for a fast modelling duel - i'd be roadkill!!!] and has no sound, and are not dialup freindly in size [1st tut was 141Megs!!! in size].

The websote is:

Direct DL links to Tutorials which may be of use:
How to Model a House 1 & 2 ... ding01.rar ... ding02.rar

How to model a Enzo Ferrari ... errari.rar

You will need to ask for a password for this one - I suspect it is a good way for him to get people actually coomunictae with him rather than do driveby downloading from his site [which I must admit I am guilty of doing myself].