Post Fri Oct 28, 2016 1:08 am

help in creating textures

hello kerkythea community.

iv started using sketchup and kerkythea to create images of our balustrade systems.
iv had to keep this to $0 budget :)

i am finding it fairly easy to navigate and learn but i come from a 0 background in all of this.

iv been reading most of the manuals/documentation available but was hoping to start with 1 specific learning curve to help with creating my work.

all of our products are powdercoated aluminium extrusions and flat glass. id like some help on creating a texture that looks like a powdercoated finish on aluminium.

i found this image on another render site but its kind of what im looking to achieve.

im looking for a start from scratch as a beginner type tutorial. if any one is willing to spend some time with me that would be great. just small steps at a time and no rush, i understand your time is valuable and you probably have more important things to take care of.

i can upload one of the 3d sketchup files iv create if any one is interested to help me along.

thanks every one.
painted metal.jpg
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