Post Sat Mar 23, 2013 2:27 am

NEW! SketchUp 3D Trees V1


I would like to introduce the new 3D trees designed for SketchUp. I've been busy finding a way of representing trees in SketchUp but without majorly slowing it down.

Imported 3D trees usually make things go VERY slow and 2D cutout trees are not very flexible and can not be viewed from above. This new collection offers an alternative type of tree that looks good in both SketchUp and a render.

Being 3D, it means we can view the trees from all angles, even allowing for plan views! No need to switch between trees.

An easy-to-read user guide has also been included in the package, it just contains some tips and tricks.

The trees are very reasonably priced at $10 for the whole collection.

Link to SketchUcation shop: ... d-trees-v1


Raw SketchUp exported image:


Tips and tricks:




Just a quick forest scene. No instancing, all completely within SketchUp