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Another Gif animation (no streaming video required)

PostPosted: Fri Aug 29, 2014 3:21 pm
by Ian35
I did another short animation with the 'Proper animation' plugin in sketchup. Render preset '02' was used in KT. There was 150 jpg images, after the rendering process which lasted only 15 minutes. They were converted into gif format in gimp. The conversion came out OK. But the file size was about 1.6 MB. Since I cannot post such a large file here, I changed the color mode to 'Indexed'. This reduced the file size. but the quality was very much reduced. So I am posting the last frame also as a jpg image.
The animation job is not a perfect one. But atleast I now have a 'feel' of how groups and components move around, while using
the proper animation plugin.
We have to right click on the attachment and choose 'open in new tab' to view the animation. Streaming video is not required.
Thank you.